What's Inside The Software?

Oculus AIO is the first sneaker software to incorporate artificial intelligence making it the most advanced bot on the market. We have included many essential features and some of them are highlighted below.

Automatic Captcha Solver

Oculus AIO integrates proprietary information to automatically solve captchas to increase the chances of successfully securing limited items.

Artificial Intelligence

Oculus AIO is the first bot to utilizes Artificial Intelligence in captcha solving to ensure our users have the most success. We have plans to integrate further AI within the software and more details will be announced when complete.


We provide 24/7 discord support as well as set up information for new releases and answer questions as soon as possible via Twitter.

Proxy Tester

A easy to use, simple proxy tester to ensure that proxies are working correctly and efficiently for the desired site.

Advanced Keyword Finding

Advanced keyword finding has been incorporated into the software with the use of natural language processing.

User Friendly Interface

An effective intuitive interface that is self explanatory to users and easy to use.


The most intelligent sneaker software which is years ahead of the competition.

Creating the next benchmark in the history of automated checkout software for limited items.

Oculus AIO 6 Month Renewal

Oculus AIO is an easy to use software that is compatible with Windows. This package supports the below sites :
  • 150 + Shopify Sites
  • Supreme
  • Footlocker soon to come
  • Footaction soon to come
  • Champssports soon to come
  • EastBay soon to come
  This is a 6 month Renewal license. The renewal fee is $50 every 6 months for updates.
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Frequently asked questions

Please read FAQ before place an order. If you can't find the answer of your question please contact us we will be back to you as soon as possible.

How can I place an order?

If there is stock available, you can add the item to cart and purchase per normal. As this software is limited, we encourage you to follow us on twitter and stay tuned to announcements.

How will I receive the software?

The software is delivered via email and will be sent to the email address on file used once the payment process has been completed.

Is Mac Supported?

We have plans to support MAC but currently it is Windows Only.

Can I resell the Software?

We do not encourage reselling the software and we take no responsibility if you engage in such activity. We have a strict 1 activation key active per customer and if you decide to purchase/sell the bot in the open market, do so at your own risk.

What does my computer need to run Oculus?

We recommend a minimum of 4GB of RAM for optimal performance. Microsoft.NET 3.5 is required to run our software.

What sites does Oculus Support?

We currently support Shopify and Supreme with plans of Footsites very soon.

What are the renewal fees?

We charge a semi-annual fee of $49.99 to make sure the code is up to date for all websites and the software is working as expected.

Do you offer refunds?

Since Oculus AIO is a digital product we do not accept any refunds. All sales are final. Any attempts to charge back will result in your license key being revoked without notice and you will be removed from our Discord server.

Supported Websites

Our software supports major websites that carry a majority of inventory for limited releases which will increase your chances of securing limited items.