Oculus AIO is an easy to use software that is compatible with Windows. This package supports the below sites :

  • 150 + Shopify Sites
  • Supreme
  • Footlocker soon to come
  • Footaction soon to come
  • Champssports soon to come
  • EastBay soon to come


This is a 6 month Renewal license. The renewal fee is $50 every 6 months for updates.


What's Inside Oculus AIO

Oculus AIO is the first sneaker software to incorporate artificial intelligence making it the most advanced bot on the market. We have included many essential features and some of them are highlighted below.

Automatic Captcha Solver

Oculus AIO integrates proprietary information to automatically solve captchas to increase the chances of successfully securing limited items.

Artificial Intelligence

Oculus AIO is the first bot to utilizes Artificial Intelligence in captcha solving to ensure our users have the most success. We have plans to integrate further AI within the software and more details will be announced when complete.


We provide 24/7 discord support as well as set up information for new releases and answer questions as soon as possible via Twitter.

Proxy Tester

A easy to use, simple proxy tester to ensure that proxies are working correctly and efficiently for the desired site.

Advanced Keyword Finding

Advanced keyword finding has been incorporated into the software with the use of natural language processing.

User Friendly Software

An effective intuitive interface that is self explanatory to users and easy to use.

Supported Websites

Our software supports major websites that carry a majority of inventory for limited releases which will increase your chances of securing limited items.